Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We promise to consider how best to look after and protect your data while on our site. Our goals...

  • Store only what we need
  • Don't integrate with 3rd parties that track you (e.g. Facebook login)
  • Don't store sensitive information (passwords or credit card details)
  • Protect your data with a secure system


In particular,

  • We don't store passwords (we store a password hash and random salt)
  • We don't have 3rd party logins as they can track your actions on the site
  • We never see your credit card number. All credit card transactions are done via the Paystation domain and we don't store those details.
  • We don't share your details with any 3rd party companies.
  • The 3rd party tools we use are our integration with our payment gateway (PayStation) and Google reCaptcha for protecting against bots.
  • We provide screens so you can view and edit your own data and we will update your data at your request.
  • Our site only allows HTTPS (SSL) to protect your data.
  • We use Cookies to provide a better user experience on the site.


We always want to be improving so let us know if there is anything more we can be doing.